Eklavvya platform supports conducting online coding assessment in programming languages of C, C++, Java, C#, Python, Go, Javascript(Node JS), Kotlin, PHP, R Programming.

You can use Following steps to conduct Coding assessment

1. Define Coding Questions in Programming Question Bank

Go to Programming Question Section in Admin Panel

Programming coding question bank

Here you can see existing predefined questions about programming languages. You can review it or add new questions by clicking on New Button

Subject: You can select suitable subject associated with coding question

Topic: You can define topic associated with question

Select Question Type : You can select if you want to have Programming Question or SQL related Question. For Detailed Steps of SQL Coding Related Questions Refer This Section

Problem: Define your problem statement or coding question

Example: Provide some additional information with example, explanation of the code to be compiled by the candidate

Functional Description: Define functional description of expected code

Return: Define output value to be generated from this coding

Difficulty Level : Define difficulty level of this coding question

2. Define Coding Test Cases with Marks

In this section you can define programming language of the coding along with test cases criteria for the execution of it.

Each test case can have predefined success criteria (input, output , marks)

User would need to run those test cases after successful compilation of the code.

Notes for Testcases :
1. If you have multiple input or output values then separate it by comma(,)
2. If you have single input or output with multiple values then separate it by space( )

3. Define Online Assessment for Programming

GO to Exam Creation section and click on New button. Following Screen would be visible

Coding Exam Creation Wizard Step

While defining the exam you can select Exam type as Programming exam. For other parameters of online exam wizard you can refer this article about how to define Online Exam

4. Define Schedule of the online exam process

You can define schedule associate with programming/ coding test

Coding Assessment Scheduling online exam

5. Assign candidates for the schedule

6. Attempt the Coding Test

Candidate can login to the system and can appear for the exam as per defined scheduled date and time.

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