Conducting secure proctored exam in moodle is easier than you think

Moodle is a widely adopted learning management system, It is available under open source license and can be accessed through any device which is connected to the internet. No wonder that Moodle has whopping 309,000,000 users which are enrolled for 40,000,000+ courses worldwide.

The user interface of moodle is easy to understand and intuitive, instructors run the courses and have put all their course data on moodle considering the cutting edge advantages of moodle in online course delivery.

Moodle provides a common interface for delivering the course content, conducting quiz, publishing notices and announcements and managing the data of enrolled candidates.

Advantages of conducting secure proctored examinations using Eklavvya Plugin

Instructors favor to conduct the examinations in moodle itself considering following advantages of moodle-

  • Exams can be conducted in moodle itself without any need of creating a separate exam account

  • Adding and editing questions is easy in moodle

  • Moodle supports variety of question types in the examination

  • There is no need to re import the candidate data as the data of enrolled candidates is readily available in moodle

  • Students do not need to create any new account for appearing the examination

  • Students are familiar with moodle interface for login and other activities

  • After the exam, result can be easily fetched after examination

As mentioned earlier, there are numerous advantages of conducting the examination in moodle but the use of moodle is not reliable considering the chances of malpractice, this comes up to be a major drawback of conducting examinations through moodle.

Yes, It is possible with Moodle to conduct a secure and reliable examination with proctoring

Eklavvya offers a plugin that allows you to secure proctored online examination using moodle. Proctored examinations are more reliable and malpractice free.

During the proctored examination, the course instructor can live stream the video of the examinee throughout the course of the examination.

Here is how you can conduct a secure examination using moodle:

Step 1

Install the splmoodle plugin from Moodle plugins directory

Step 2

Login in your moodle admin account

Step 3

Create the exam under desired course

Step 4

Assign the examination to candidates

Step 5

Import the exam in Eklavvya using plugin using Eklavvya admin tab in your moodle account

Step 6

Candidate can login into their moodle account and start appearing for proctored examination

Step 7

During the course of examination, the proctor (an assigned online invigilator) can keep watch on candidate via live video streaming

These videos can be saved in Eklavvya system if required

Results of the examinations can be accessed directly from the moodle itself

Thus, by integrating Eklavvya with moodle via splmoodle plugin, you can streamline the online examination process in secure and reliable way by keeping all the advantages of moodle LMS

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