Plan subscription depends on the Number of exam sessions and Assessment Types

Our Exam Credit Works in this way

1 Candidate attempting 2 Exams = 2 Exam Credits

2 Candidates Attempting 3 Exams Each = 6 Exam Credits

100 Candidates Attempting 1 Exam Each = 100 Exam Credits

Pricing is based on Per Exam Credit.

If you want to conduct Non Proctored Assessments or Image Capturing based Exams then you can opt for Standard Subscription Plan.

If you need AI Image Proctoring, Voice/ Oral Exams then Professional Plan is suitable

For large-scale exams, Video Proctored Exams, Custom branding you need to contact us for Enterprise Plan.

Pricing for all plans is based on Number of Exam Credits Consumed by you.

You can reach out to us at [email protected] with your requirements. We will certainly try to assist you with best possible option for pricing.You can also schedule live meeting with us for a discussion of your requirements

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