1. Login as Admin

  2. Go to Question Bank > AI Question Generator

  3. Select Suitable Options of Subject, Topic , Difficulty Level, Type of Questions and Question Count from the Menu as shown below

4. You can also Click on Advance Option to Enter Additional Parameters for Generating the Questions.

5. In the additional parameters you can select suitable options of Domain, Question Generation Agenda. You can also enter custom message like generate questions for age group, generate questions to hire specialist for mechanical engineering, Questions for expert in Electrical wiring etc

6. You can click on Generate Question after defining all the essential parameter

7. System will add your request in the queue. It would generate questions within 1 to 5 minutes of time

8. As soon as your questions are generated by AI algorithm, you can click on View Question section to check the questions

9. Finally you can select questions and import them in your Question Bank to Define assessments based on it.

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